Electricity pylon with blue sky and sun

Today, energy and its demand requires its electricity infrastructure to change from a one-way supply to a management of real-time interactive complex multi-source energy networks.

With a high availability requirement and the need to connect in geographically remote places, we deliver high reliability and security – higher than cellular networks – and have ubiquitous coverage of the globe. We deliver in a secure closed satellite network and work with standardized connectivity.

Satellite has become a proven and cost effective way to connect and control remote and critical power infrastructure.



Power Solutions offered by Rencos:

1. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Collect usage Data

2. Distribution Automation Control
Read reclosures that sense and interrupt fault currents

3. Substation Automation
Control and Read Intelligence electronic devices (IEDs)

4. Field Force Automation
Communicate with field force in remote areas






Electricity pylon with blue sky and sun