Rencos delivers its services using the Satellite M2M Platform: all the way from billing, CDR management, Re-billing to subscription management and hardware and threshold management.
Dedicated to satellite M2M and L-band in particular.

The diagram below details how the Satellite M2M Platform fits into the larger M2M value chain.

Although the Platform is the core of the business, Rencos also provides the necessary satellite capacity (airtime) as well as necessary Hardware, solutions and expertise for the relevant energy related M2M industries.


We build our solutions upon our own infrastructure together with our partners.We collect the data from the different satellites and route them securely through our own private network.

We use the following Hardware Satellite Terminals.



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 Rencos use the following customised software applications build for our satellite m2m products.




Finally, Why do our customers rely so much on satellite? Because it is mission critical to have their data delivered in secure sustainable and reliable way.

See below the table that analyses the strengths of satellite for energy infrastructure.



Satellite has become a proven and cost effective way to connect and control remote and critical power infrastructure.